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Year 2


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Life Skills Activities 

Half Termly Life Skills challenges as part of our drive to develop good future citizens: 

Weekly Brain Boosters and Curious Challenges as part of our Feel Good Friday initiative: 


Home Learning Activities 


Sharing Our Learning...Year 2 Photo Gallery

Mental Health Day

During Mental Health Day, the children enjoyed taking part in some yoga and meditation exercises and also completing some mindful colouring. The children all explained that they were wearing yellow to show we are not alone and talking about our feelings is a good thing.

Year 2 Fire Fire WOW Day

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to the Great Fire of London unit. They looked at various pictures of the fire and compared life then to how we live today. They also wrote down questions that they hope to find out the answers to as they complete more topic lessons this half term. The children were all then given charcoal and crayons and asked to experiment with different techniques to create their own fire of London pictures. The children are very much looking forward to learning more about the fire.

Autumn 1 Home Learning Activities