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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!
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Sharing Our Learning ... Year 3 Photo Gallery!

Year 3 researched and made pitta breads in class. We all enjoyed eating them!

Year 3 using the interactive floor

Year 3 have created some fantastic Tudor portraits

Year 3 doing a bit of gardening in the outdoor area

Performing a play script together in Reading Skills was great fun!

Year 3 loved investigating how to help plants grow

Year 3 have been learning about time and using their 3B4T skills

Wonderful Writers

Year 3 had a fantastic Wow Day last week when they re-enacted the Battle of Bosworth Field,  where the Yorkist King, Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor to begin the Tudor dynasty of Kings and Queens. There were lots of super Tudor costumes and the strategy of the armies was studied and re-enacted. A great time was had by all and lots of super learning took place.

In Year 3, we are learning about Light and Dark. We created shadow puppets as part of our Science experiment.

In Art, we used different kinds of shading techniques to create a picture from the story 'The boy ,the wolf, the fox and the horse.'

In English, the year 3 children have been reading the One Plastic Bag Story by Miranda Paul. They have created some fantastic posters to increase awareness of the issues and encourage others to recycle. They should all be proud of their achievements.

Year 3 Remote Learners were creating African Animal Sculptures out of recycled materials as part of their Topic Lessons. They created some fantastic pieces of art.

During this half term, Years 3 and 4 have been learning about the effects of plastic pollution on the environment and how we can reduce plastic waste. As part of this process, during their English lessons, the children wrote a formal letter to Miss Milewski sharing their findings and providing suggestions on ways we could reduce plastic waste at Valley.

In Art, our LKS2 bubbles have been busy creating a collaborative piece of art from one of The African Big 5. The children all had sections of a lion to colour or decorate in any way they wanted.

Christmas cards with a twist-literally!! In the run up to the end of term, the children have had lots of fun exploring and developing their Design and Technology skills (cutting, shaping, finishing and mastering movement using pivots, levers and sliders) when making their own Christmas cards. We hope you enjoy following their card-making journey through the wonderful photographs captured by their teachers and their cards have taken pride of place at home.

Year 3 children were enjoying themselves playing educational games and creating Christmas cards on purplemash using the school iPads on the last day of term. Happy Christmas to all Year 3 parents and thank you for all your support throughout a very difficult national situation. Much appreciated.

Year 3 have been enjoying using pointillism to create an effective painting to decorate their 2021 calendars. They dried in the Thursday morning sunshine before being backed on red card and fixing their heart.

Year 3 had fun designing their balloon powered car after learning about simple pneumatic systems in topic on Thursday. They are going to use their modelling skills to make them.

Year 3 had another fantastic Friday afternoon when they painted the balloons they designed and made last week.

The children have enjoyed exploring all the different arrays linked to the 8 times tables. They worked hard to make the arrays in as many different ways as possible.

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon on Friday getting gluey with paper, in order to make model balloons, which they will paint with their designs this week. Thanks for all who helped with resources.

This week, year 3 have been using adjectives, noun phrases and expanded noun phrases to describe a setting.

The year 3 children have been performing their poems based on Hamster, Hamster by Joseph Coelho.

Year 3 wore their odd shoes and boots for antibullying day. The children learnt a new way to deal with bullying and made posters to raise awareness of this

During World Kindness Day, we spent our time thinking about the people we would like to thank for their acts of kindness. We have also made our own kindness pledges so we can spread kindness wherever we go!

Year 3 took part in a Real PE lesson where they enjoyed themselves finding different ways to travel by jumping on a pathway of spots in the playground. They worked in their house teams and collaborated by working in pairs to shadow each other’s movements.

In English, we have been looking at poetry. This week, we read a poem by Joseph Coelho and then wrote our own version of it with a partner. Joseph’s poem was about bullying and our one was about kindness and positivity.

Lowry 3 have been writing and performing their own poetry this week. We researched performance poets and their techniques inspired us to perform our own!

Year 3 have been looking at land use in the local area. They enjoyed finding out which areas were considered urban and rural and writing definitions of these and related key words.

Year 3 had a fabulous Wow Day! We enjoyed learning about the importance of boats as a form of transport and how they float. We also made our own Origami boats!

Year 3 have enjoyed learning about young black heroes and in particular looked at the life and achievements of Ruby Bridges. They have enjoyed learning about all the courageous things she did as a child and is still doing today. We wrote about the inspirational things she did and created a piece of artwork to represent her strong, brave character.

In gymnastics, we have been learning to develop technique, control and balance. This week, we created a sequence where we travelled across the bench by bunny hopping and completed the sequence by performing a balance.

In English, year 3 have been studying the text Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf. They have been story mapping the text and creating their own characters to help them re- write their own version of the story.

In Maths this term the children have been working hard on their addition and subtraction skills. They have been using counters and base 10 to help them solve problems involving subtraction.

The children have been working hard to explore rocks and their different uses in Science. They have explored different types of rocks and their properties.

Year 3's Stone Age WOW day! The children aspired to understand what the Stone Age is and to make Stone Henge from plasticine, then make predictions what it was used for.

We look forward to welcoming all our children back on 1st September... take a look at our short film clip showing how our classrooms have developed during the summer break so they are all ready for you to come and do some wonderful learning... the displays and various areas are started but need some brilliant work from you to make them come alive! 

Our Classrooms... all clean and tidy and ready for us to help create our own learning environment and displays!

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