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As part of our revision, we solved problems to create a domino trail. We had fun matching the answers to the questions during our Maths lesson.

In PSHE, we have been looking at who can help us when we experience bullying. We thought about who would help us, who we could behave like to help someone being bullies and who would be best at standing up to a bully.

We celebrated Diversity Day. Children dressed in outfits that reflected their inner passions or represented their culture. There was a brilliant range of outfits on show and we all realised just how diverse we were!

In Topic, we took part in a debate to try and help us decide if Winston Churchill was a friend or fiend. His successes and failures made for an interesting debate.

In PSHE, we have been discussing how to gain power and control back from bullies both in real life and online.

In Science, year 6 have been learning about the different parts of the heart. We drew the heart then labelled the different sections.

Year 6 have been working hard to show their reasoning by answering a true or false question at the beginning of each lesson. We have been developing our arithmetic skills and have worked hard to find percentages of numbers.

In maths, Aayan and Joe expertly demonstrated their methods of converting between miles and kilometres.

Year 6 enjoyed playing bench ball in PE this week which involved dodging the bal. If they were hit below the waist they had to stand on a bench, on the opposite side to their team. If the ball was caught by the team member on the bench, they could re-join their teams. The aim was to get all players of the opposition out.

In Science, we used different items to represent the components of blood. We use golden syrup as plasma - to carry the red and white blood cells, platelets and nutrients. We used hooped cereals as red blood cells - to carry oxygen around the body. We used marshmallows as white blood cells - to catch invading infections to keep us healthy. Finally we used sprinkles as platelets, which clot together to heal wounds.

In music, we learnt how to play You've Got a Friend in Me on the glockenspiel, performing solos and duets.

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In music, we have learnt how to play You've Got a Friend in Me on the glockenspiel, performing solos and duets.

In French, some children showed off their French accents in front of the class.

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Showing off our French accents.

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In French, we have been learning how to describe the classroom and some children showed off their French accents in front of the class.

We learnt about individual liberty and the Magna Carter in topic this week. We thought about what individual liberty means and how it affects our lives, as well as considering why the Magna Carter was important.

In English, we took part in a conscience alley to decide whether the main character, Frank, should go into the basement and break the trust of her new friend, Nicholas.

During PE, we played a game called Beanbag Raid, with the objective being to have more beanbags in the hoop than the opposition team.

In English, we focused on using cohesion and apostrophes whilst writing an informal letter as a reply to Jess, a friend of Frank in our book, The Song From Somewhere Else.

During our Reading Skills sessions, we have focused on highlighting and underlining information to support their answers to inference questions, using evidence from the text to support their answers.

In Computing, Year 6 will be creating an adventure story where decisions can be made for a character by the reader. In pairs, the children began to plan their initial ideas for their stories.

In Year 6, we have been working hard to find the mean and average of sets of data.

As part of our Science learning this half term, we have been looking at where the organs are in the body and how blood flows between them. We started off with some very oddly placed organs (heart, lungs and kidneys) but then arranged them in the correct place and joined them with arteries and veins, which created a closed loop for the oxygenated and then deoxygenated blood to travel around.

As part of our English this week, we listened to music and visualised what the music could have been representative of. This linked to our book as the protagonist heard music, which uplifted her soul and made her feel safe and comforted.

During Topic this week, we have been researching the different types of governments and learning how they rule the countries they are in charge of. We learnt to scan a QR code to gain information from relevant websites.

WOW DAY - As part of our new Topic ‘Forward Thinking Fellows’ we spent the day learning about Guy Fawkes and creating posters and timelines about him.

Year 6 started their new Power of Reading book, ‘A Song From Somewhere Else’ by A. F. Harold. We began by getting to know the characters (each taking a part to read) and then took part in some role play, creating stills of different aspects of the book.

Year 6 have started learning about Suffragettes and the battle for equality in English. They have worked incredibly hard with their traffic light challenges to illustrate people of the time and by writing letters to Queen Victoria in response to her views about women having the vote.

Year 6 have started their new science topic by learning about vertebrate and invertebrate animals. They then worked on discovering what groups were in the vertebrate and invertebrate groups and made these fact sheets about them, including images and facts about why they are classified into each group.

The UKS2 bubbles have aspired to create timelines of Walt Disney's achievements and researched significant events linked to Disney. Here are some of the finished products, aren't they amazing?

Year 6 have been working really hard to go above and beyond with their remote learning this week. We have been learning all about percentages in maths, describing characters in english and learning about gravity, air and water resistance in science.

Christmas cards with a twist-literally!! In the run up to the end of term, the children have had lots of fun exploring and developing their Design and Technology skills (cutting, shaping, finishing and mastering movement using pivots, levers and sliders) when making their own Christmas cards. We hope you enjoy following their card-making journey through the wonderful photographs captured by their teachers and their cards have taken pride of place at home.

Year 6 had a great time on our Christmas Scavenger Hunt. They would like to thank the PTFA for organising this wonderful treat!

Year 6 have been having a great time playing party games, with a Christmas movie and the choice to colour for some quiet party time.

As part of our Science topic, we have been learning about how light travels and developed our explanations about how we see objects based on this. We created a periscope then explained how it is useful and why it works. We described how light reflecting off the object and then onto the mirrors enabled us to see an object that is higher up or around a corner.

This week, we have been working hard at improving our writing by editing our work with our peers. We created newspaper articles based on Kester’s escape in ‘The Last Wild’ and have been working hard to make sure we have added fronted adverbials, correctly punctuated speech and that our writing is in the tone of a newspaper.

Year 6 have been learning about ways to deal with bullying. Looking at ways a recipient of bullying can feel and ways they can react. We also discussed steps they could take to stop bullying.

Year 6 have learnt about how items posted online can affect their futures. They looked at a range of profiles to see who they would give the scholarship to, giving reasons of why other members would not get it

Year 6 have been learning how to use fractions in calculations. We used paper to show what happened when we found a half of a quarter and a half of a third.

Year 6 worked really hard with their online learning. Here are some images of pieces of work they completed.

In Science, year 6 explored how lights reflects off objects so we can see them. We used ribbon to show the light travelling in a straight line from a light source, reflecting from an object and to our eye. We then explored how light helps us to see objects using mirrors.

Year 6 have enjoyed taking part in games of Kabadi during their PE sessions this week.

As part of our Under Pressure! topic we made mug cakes (with a chocolate, melt in the middle centre). The cakes were moist and tasty, and we could each find a way to perfect the recipe to make it perfect for our own tastes. We also worked with our partner to create a map, showing the plate boundaries and where most earthquakes and volcanoes occur.

To celebrate Black History Month, year 6 focused on the theme of Black Lives Matter. We discussed the movement and why it is so important, especially in 2020 with recent events. The children drew a Black Lives Matter fist and filled it with statements about the movement. They also wrote their own poems which were incredibly powerful.

In Maths, Year 6 took part in a quizzing session, which involved heading outside to quiz each other based on the KIRF. The children really enjoyed being active in the lesson and using their learning to find the answers to a mixture of questions based on the KIRF of multiplying decimals by integers (whole numbers) and using this information to find division facts.

Year 6 have been receiving some fabulous pieces of home learning this half term. Darcie created a fabulous Egyptian scene, complete with a mummy in a sarcophagus! It was evident she had spent a lot of time on her home learning and she received house points, a certificate and ticked off some countries on her topic passport!

Alex created an Egyptian pyramid made of sticks for his home learning. The robust structure was stuck together with glue and was a wonderful representation of a pyramid.

For her home learning, Jessica made an Egyptian scene, showing how an Egyptian civilization would have been set up.

In PSHE, Year 6 have been looking at making aspirational goals (in achievable steps), identifying barriers to reaching their goals and finding solutions to the challenges they are facing. They have been thinking about ways to celebrate their achievements in ways that are personal to them.

The children in year 6 have been working incredibly hard in maths and are proud of the work that is displayed in each classroom.

In English, year 6 wrote instructions to make a jam sandwich for their teachers to use. The children improved their instructions, making them clear and easy to follow. Using their knowledge of instruction writing, they then created a set of instructions based on pitching a tent in Antarctica, based on our book, Ice Trap! Jam sandwich work - Harry. How to pitch a tent in Antarctica - Omar and Tia.

Year 6 have been learning about Shackleton and creating some work based on the book 'Ice Trap!'. Elizabeth created a journal about Shackleton's expedition.

Year 6 have enjoyed using their knowledge to create a map of Egypt, using clues to find the placement of different physical and human features.

Year 6 have been thinking of their hopes and wishes for the year ahead. They created dream catchers and explained their hopes and dreams around them!

Year 6 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. They went caving to learn about King Tutankhamun's burial and discovered the head dresses Pharaohs wore before designing and painting their own head dress.

We look forward to welcoming all our children back on 1st September... take a look at our short film clip showing how our classrooms have developed during the summer break so they are all ready for you to come and do some wonderful learning... the displays and various areas are started but need some brilliant work from you to make them come alive! 

Our Classrooms... all clean and tidy and ready for us to help create our own learning environment and displays!

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