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Year 1


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Life Skills Activities 

Half Termly Life Skills challenges as part of our drive to develop good future citizens: 

Weekly Brain Boosters and Curious Challenges as part of our Feel Good Friday initiative: 


Home Learning Activities 


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Fun in PE

This week in PE we have been learning how to balance correctly on one foot. We were able to challenge ourselves further and complete squats and heel raises whilst balancing. We then had lots of fun balancing PE equipment on our partners and counted how long they could hold the equipment for before it came off!

Year 1 Queen in Black WOW Day

Year 1 had a fantastic Victorian wow day! We came into school dressed in Victorian clothing and took part in a Victorian style lesson. We found out how strict Victorian teachers used to be and the punishments they used to give the children. We practised writing on slate and took part in Victorian style games including 'Pick up sticks' and 'Cat's Cradle'. We also researched and found out about Queen Victoria. We are looking forward to finding out more about our new topic 'The Queen in Black' this half term. 

Autumn 1 Home Learning Activities