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Valley Primary School

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Friendship Ambassadors


Their main responsibilities include:

  • Support children on the playground
  • Be a good role model for others 
  •  Support children in your class who need a friend 
  • Lead an assembly about Friendship 
  • Take part in virtual meetings to make decisions. 
  • Judge Anti-bullying day competition 


This year, our Friendship Ambassadors are:

George and Belle Bell  Year 1
Darcy and Ava Lee  Year 1
Caitlyn and Arthur Shaw  Year 1
Lilah-Grace and Fatema Pankhurst  Year 2
Finley and Ruby Churchill  Year 2
Aoun and Eryn Nightingale  Year 2
Emma and Elliot Hockney  Year 3
Maddie and Joseph Riley  Year 3
Bella and Jacob Lowry  Year 3
Isabel and Khizrah Newton  Year 4
Sophia-Loren and Jeevika Sharman  Year 4
Riley and Aimee Hawking  Year 4
Eva and Nikola Webber  Year 5
Jenson and Luke Holst  Year 5
Finley and Mia Lynn  Year 5
Heidi-Mai, Minnie and Jamie Ennis  Year 6 
Casey-Leigh and Aayan Farah  Year 6 
Anusha and Poppy Simmonds  Year 6 


Our Friendship Ambassadors work to celebrate so far...


Antibullying day 2020
In November, we had anti-bullying day at Valley. The theme decided by the Friendship ambassadors was STAMP OUT BULLYING. The children came to school with odd shoes to show that difference is ok. 
The children learnt a new way to deal with bullying.
Here is the song written and performed by Hawking 4 to remind us about stamping out bullying

Still image for this video