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Eco Warriors

Valley Primary School prides itself on ensuring we are an Eco School, looking after our environment, being Eco-friendly and ensuring we are energy efficient. We strive to teach all our children the importance of preserving both their local and global environment. The Eco-Warriors are children who have a love for the environment and have volunteered to help the staff and children at Valley become more environmentally friendly. They play an active role helping the school become more eco-friendly and they come up with new ideas on how to promote sustainability at home as well as at school.


Their main responsibilities include:

  • Collating ideas from each of the classes
  • Recycling
  • Planting
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency
  • Organising Eco-friendly activities
  • Producing a Newsletter to increase awareness of Eco Issues
  • Working towards the Food for Life Award
  • Working towards the Eco Award
  • Helping school leaders to make decisions about Eco related issues
  • Meeting with Governors of our school to update them on the progress of our school in becoming an Eco-friendly School.


This Year’s Eco Warriors are:

Tobias W


Year 1

Emily T


Year 1

Elodie C


Year 1

Leah J


Year 2

Mason M


Year 2

Leah W


Year 2

Max W-B


Year 3

Maxwell G


Year 3

Castiel O’S


Year 3

Poppy H


Year 4

Yara-Scarlett M


Year 4

Bethany M


Year 4

Sylvie P


Year 5

Sienna L


Year 5

Grace F


Year 5

Charlie P


Year 6

Jessica M


Year 6

Isla D


Year 6

Our Eco Warriors work to celebrate so far...

The Eco Warriors wanted to say thank you to all those who donated empty crisp packets. The ECO warriors counted a total of 1800 crisp packets. We have 12 bags to send off, which should make 12 blankets for the homeless. What an achievement!

The Eco Warriors put out the following appeal in our drive to make a blanket for a homeless person.


Dear parents,


Did you know that currently the majority of crisp packets in the UK and worldwide are not recyclable so they have to go to landfill?

As ECO Warriors we have been offered the opportunity to help with a very exciting and rewarding recycling scheme. This will involve recycling used crisp packets and turning them into blankets for homeless people.

As you can imagine we will need lots of used crisp packets. We are hoping that over the Christmas holidays you eat lots of crisps and then send your empty crisp packets into school no later than the 9th January 2021. We will most likely continue this scheme and release further dates in the future, so please continue to collect after this date also.

It is very important that the crisp packets are clean and flattened. We hope you are just as excited as us and we thank you in advance for your help.

Many thanks

Valley ECO Warriors.

The Eco Warriors Switch-off fortnight appeal to their peers in school and parents at home to save energy.
Our ECO team worked hard to save energy during Switch off Fortnight. They passed on a big thank you to everyone who helped to save energy for the Campaign. 
Valley #Litterheroes took part in the Keep Britain Tidy Great British September clean up campaign. In one assembly, we discussed the impact that litter has on the environment and how we must all work together to keep our environment clean and litter free. Some children spent their playtimes helping to clean up our school grounds. Thank you to all those involved, we were amazed at how much litter we found. Even though our school grounds are kept clean and tidy, we found litter had gathered in the bushes.

Pupil Leadership Team update - Eco-Warriors

This week, the Eco-warriors held a virtual meeting with Jenny from Zero wasters at Hobs Moat to help with our latest recycling initiative. The Eco-warriors want to collect old crisp packets and recycle them.