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Valley is proud to be

an ANTI-BULLYING school!


Valley Primary School prides itself on being an anti-bullying school. All the staff work tirelessly across both sites to support those who experience bullying and create an ethos of friendship, inclusivity and anti-bullying within school. The Personal Development Team are there to offer support, advise and strategies to ensure this is effective. We advocate friendship, kindness and compassion and do not tolerate any kind of discrimination or targeted, unkind behaviour.


We have a team of Friendship Ambassadors who are our own innovative anti-bullying pupil leadership team. They support our positive promotion of anti-bullying strategies and promote an ethos of friendship across the school. They also reach out the hand of friendship to anyone who needs it at playtimes and lunchtimes


Prevention, intervention and monitoring

Valley Primary School aims to prevent bullying and to tackle occasional cases of bullying effectively. The former is crucial but also the latter is important, as although the former will usually be effective, there may be occasions where prevention efforts are unsuccessful so it is crucial there are tools which can be utilised if a case of bullying is identified. We also monitor behaviour over time and ensure we track any multiple or persistent inappropriate or unkind behaviours.


The main components of our Anti-Bullying strategy.

Our Anti-bullying strategy includes both universal and indicated actions. 

The universal actions, such as our PSHE curriculum lessons, are directed at all students and focus mainly on preventing bullying.

The indicated actions are used when a suspected bullying case has emerged. They are targeted specifically to help the children who have been involved in bullying as perpetrators or victims. Our Friendship Ambassador pupil leaders often support the victim and are trained to promote the school’s Anti-Bullying ethos and support children who need a friend.

The ultimate aim is to prevent bullying or, where this is not possible, end this as soon as practically possible and support those who are affected by it.


Anti-bullying is targeted at all age groups

Children across the school from Nursery up to Year 6 are taught:

  • How to recognise bullying behaviours
  • How to deal with bullying behaviours
  • How to support others with bullying


This is done through songs, stories, lessons, assemblies and special events which reinforce the strategy for dealing with bullying at Valley Primary School and embed it across the school. We encourage the children to say the following if an incident occurs that makes them feel uncomfortable and threatened:


Put up your hand

“Stop! I don’t like it when you do that”

“If you don’t stop what you’re doing, I’ll tell an adult”

“I’m going to tell an adult”



The Friendship ambassadors also wrote a song to remind children what to do in a situation where they feel uncomfortable and threatened: