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Year 1 have really enjoyed designing and creating castles out of junk modelling. First, we had a design brief and set design criteria that we needed to follow. We used Ipads to create our castle designs. Then, we learnt various new skills including 'fringing' and we discussed how to handle a pair of scissors safely and correctly. We then worked collaboratively together to create our castles, listening carefully to each other's ideas. Some of us even made our own drawbridge which opened and closed! We then peer assessed each other's work against the design criteria and have set improvements and amendments which we will make the following week to ensure our castles are strong and sturdy.

As part of our topic, the children have used the Ipads to design their own castle. They thought about the design criteria and tried to include: a portcullis, drawbridge and battlements.

Shaw 1 thoroughly enjoyed reading The Last Wolf by Mini Grey. They used their predicting skills to think about the events of the story. This week, they have learnt about endangered animals and how to protect them. Shaw 1 feel that people should try and save the habitats of all our animals. Here are some examples of their writing:

We had a fantastic WOW day for our new topic, ‘Towers, Turrets and Tunnels’. First we examined the social pyramid of a castle and identified who we had dressed up as. We dressed up as Queens, Kings, Knights, Noblemen, Lords, Princesses, Jesters and Peasants. We discussed the role of a King and Queen in a castle.    

We then learnt about the role of a Knight and found out about his armour. We discussed that each Knight had his own different coat of arms and shared these on our costumes. We enjoyed watching a video of Knights taking part in a medieval sport called Jousting. We then took part in our own Jousting tournament outside! It was great fun!  

After, we learnt about a medieval banquet and discussed what people ate who lived in a castle. We found out that people used their hands or knives instead of forks. We even had our own entertainment from our very own class Jester!  Finally, we finished our banquet by taking part in some medieval dancing. We are really looking forward to finding out more information about castles in our new topic!

This week in Maths we have been learning how to create an array using counters. We have learnt new vocabulary including 'rows' and 'columns' and how arrays illustrate different number sentences.

As part of our PSHE work this week , we have completed several challenges. This shows we all have a Growth Mindset and we are practising our BLP skills everyday. Well done year 1, keep persevering !

The children at home have been thinking about the plants that we eat as part of a healthy and balanced diet and where these come from.

The year 1 children have been busy designing a piece of artwork as a tribute to Sir Captain Tom Moore depicting how he inspired them.

Our Year One virtual learners have been looking at their new text ‘The Adventures of the Egg Box Dragon’. They used their creative skills to first of all design a dragon, adding adjectives to describe, and then used their design to create a dragon. I think you will agree they have done an amazing job!

Christmas cards with a twist-literally!! In the run up to the end of term, the children have had lots of fun exploring and developing their Design and Technology skills (cutting, shaping, finishing and mastering movement using pivots, levers and sliders) when making their own Christmas cards. We hope you enjoy following their card-making journey through the wonderful photographs captured by their teachers and their cards have taken pride of place at home.

Shaw 1 created lovely decorations to put up on the school Christmas tree . Doesn’t it look wonderful ? Thank you to all children who entered the competition.

Year 1 enjoyed dressing up in their sparkly outfits for dress up day on Friday.

The children in Year 1 have really enjoyed learning about their new topic 'Moon Zoom'. We have found out about astronaut Neil Armstrong and the Space Race. We have been working collaboratively with our partners to create our own space rockets out of junk modelling. We used our 3D shape knowledge from Maths and created cones and cylinders. We then developed our Design and Technology skills through cutting and attaching the different parts of the rocket together. We enjoyed evaluating our final products with our friends.

Shaw 1 put on their odd boots and shoes to say No to bullying. This morning, our new Friendship Ambassadors , Arthur and Caitlyn displayed some of the boots in the classroom.

Year 1 children have enjoyed reading poetry from the book Out and About. Here are some of their lovely poems. We even experienced a real fire and used our senses and super vocabulary to describe it.

Shaw 1 arrived in pyjamas for Children in Need Day. We also celebrated World Kindness Day - showing acts of kindness to everyone .

Year 1 really enjoyed our WOW Day for our new topic ‘Moon Zoom!’ We created our own healthy fruit skewers which looked like rockets. We learnt how to safely use a knife to cut and used the ‘bridge’ technique to chop all of our fruit up. We then carefully put these on skewers and enjoyed tasting them. They were very yummy! We also created our own paper rockets and imagined where these rockets would zoom to!

Year 1 have really enjoyed finding out about Black History Day. We found out about Rosa Parks and why she refused to give up her seat on a bus in America. We discussed how people used to be separated on the bus by the colour of their skin. We then talked about how much has changed since then and drew our own bus with people sitting wherever they want no matter their differences or colour of skin.

Our Topic this half term has been ‘The Queen in Black’. We have really enjoyed finding out lots of information about Queen Victoria and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our Victorian ‘Wow Day’. We dressed up as Victorian children and we also did some role play. Our teachers pretended to be strict Victorian teachers, it was a bit scary! We found out about the cane, the dunce hat and the strict Victorian rules.

In SMSC we have enjoyed lots of discussion about how to keep safe both in school and at home. We discussed the importance of gratitude and even created our own ‘mini presents’ and decided who we should give them to. This included our family for helping us lots at home with our home learning and also the NHS for being superheroes during this difficult time.

In Maths we have learnt about the different symbols - < less than, = equals to and > greater than. We enjoyed using different Maths equipment including Numicon to compare the numbers using the symbols.

In English we have really enjoyed reading the story of Traction Man. We even created a new setting for Traction Man’s new adventures and labelled it using our phonics skills. We are working hard to achieve our writing targets and using punctuation in our writing.

In Science we have been looking at different materials. We have enjoyed discovering what different objects are made from. We sorted the objects into different materials and discussed their properties.

Victorian Wow day photos from Bell 1

We look forward to welcoming all our children back on 1st September... take a look at our short film clip showing how our classrooms have developed during the summer break so they are all ready for you to come and do some wonderful learning... the displays and various areas are started but need some brilliant work from you to make them come alive! 

Our Classrooms... all clean and tidy and ready for us to help create our own learning environment and displays!

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