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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 13/07/20 (Transition Curriculum)

Memories - Class of 2020

Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 06/07/20 (Transition Curriculum)

Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 6/6/20 (Transition Curriculum)

Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 1/6/20
Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 18/5/20
Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 11/5/20

A Special VE Day Challenge - inspired by George in Year 6, could you interview a family member virtually to discuss their experienced when they were young? 


VE Day Interview by George in Year 6.

Joan Sutton, 87, talks to her great nephew, George Smallman about her experience as an evacuee.  Born in Alum Rock in Birmingham, Joan was one of six children living in a three bedroom house.  For the last 37 years Joan has lived in Christchurch, Dorset. She was evacuated at the age of 8 with a younger sister Norma (5).

“We went by bus and then train to a little village near Cardiff called Nelson.  We had labels on us and were taken to the village Church Hall.  It was like a cattle market, people came in and looked at you.  Some people only wanted to take one of us but finally a couple called Mr and Mrs Tailor said they would have us both.

It was a very remote area, and as a city kid I hated it.  Norma kept crying.  We went back to Mr and Mrs Tailors house, which was a tiny stone cottage.  There was a spiral staircase in the living room that took you to the main bedroom and when you walked through that there was a smaller bedroom that we shared with their daughter who was four.

You were only allowed five inches of water in your bath, and there was a mark on the inside to make sure you didn’t go over.  The tin bath was dragged in and put in front of the fire.  At school, we stuck to the other evacuees who we recognised from our school in Birmingham.  The Welsh children didn’t like us and we didn’t like them.

The school was in the village, and it was a long walk up a steep slope to get back to the cottage.  Some days after school Mrs Tailor asked me to go back to the village to the shop.  It was winter and by the time I got back it was pitch black with no street lamps.  I was terrified. It was cold and dark and I couldn’t see a thing.

I kept secretly posting letters home saying how much Norma and I hated being away from home.  I said if we couldn’t go home we’d run away.

One day, we were in the school playground and a boy ran over saying he could see my Dad.  I ran out of the playground into the street and I could see him walking down the hill.  I ran over and wrapped my arms around him.  I remember his belt buckle pressing into my chin.  Dad told me to fetch Norma and that he was taking us home.  We packed our small suitcase, caught a bus to Cardiff and then a train back to Birmingham.

Rationing carried on until 1954 and I still have my last two ration books.”

Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 4/5/20
Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 27/4/20
Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 20/4/20

Easter Holiday Activity Ideas and Challenges

Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 30/3/20

Home Learning Activities: Week Beginning 23/3/20

Ongoing Home Learning Around the World Passport

Topic Based Activities: 

Task challenges to complete at home

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Evening Presentation

Sharing snippets of our learning... 

Exploring a heart! A wonderful Science session in Year 6.

Year 5 and 6 Carol Concert

Year 6 Inspire Workshop for Parents - Learning Together!

GXXTRA WORKSHOP... We went to Shirley Heath Junior school to take part in a writing workshop learning about mystery and suspense. We watched a short video and then wrote our own mystery stories. We learnt the three skills to create suspense; cliffhangers; ellipsis and; varying the length of sentences. The most important thing is 'Show don't tell!' Niamh has written a lovely brief recount of the visit...

Topic Celebration... well done to our children who were congratulated in assembly this week for completing a fabulous home learning project.

Greek Day... The children delivered their Trojan War speeches to their class, learned about Pythagorus' theorem, performed the Greek dances they have been learning during P.E. and tried some Greek food.

We enjoyed learning about Germany during European Languages Day.

Aun and Tanvi represented us at a GXXtra workshop where they worked collaboratively with children from other schools to complete challenging maths activities. They learnt not to take the easy way out and always challenge themselves further!

We enjoyed World Mental Health Day, wearing yellow, mindful patterns and writing poems!

Have a read of our poems...