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Learning Zone

Welcome to Valley's Children's Learning Zone!


Our learning Zone has some ideas and links to websites to help you continue your learning!

Choose the ones you most enjoy or which help you practice the skills you need to improve with. 

Curriculum Based Additional Home Lessons


The Oak Academy - A Government development home learning site

The Oak Academy offers live lessons for children to participate in at home. These can be used should you need to stay at home for any reason or to challenge yourself further and learn a little more outside school time. 

This academy was set up by the Government during COVID-19 to help children at home continue their learning journey by accessing real lessons run by teachers across the country. The Government decided to continue to fund this for 2020-2021 to help children across the country to catch up on any learning gaps. 

BBC Bitesize

The BBC offers lessons and resources which can be used to challenge yourself and to further develop your learning.

Key Website Links
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Suggestions for Outdoor Learning Activities


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