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House Captains


The House Captains are role models for the children in their house and have volunteered to help the children in their House to organise and collect House Points They play an active role in championing their House teams through planning events and sports competitions.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collect and count-up House points daily, weekly and termly.
  • Take part in meetings to make decisions about House competitions.
  •  Help staff to organise House reward events.
  •  Help organise House competitions including Sports Day
  •  Lead a House assembly


Our House Captains and Mini House Captains lead our three houses at Valley Primary school: 


  • Amazon Rainforest (Green house)
  • Great Barrier Reef (Blue house)
  • Grand Canyon (Red house)

Our House Captains and Mini House Captains encourage our children to earn house points which are rewarded for good behaviour, good work and showing Valley Values. Each half term House Captains and Mini House Captains collect and collate the house points to enable us to reward the overall school winner each half term. The winning house receive house reward time on the last day of each half term. They also get to come to school in their house colours on this day.


The house system gives the children the opportunity to work together in a team across year groups and key stages. It allows children to show the values of responsibility and collaboration. They also begin to understand the British values of mutual respect and tolerance. Our House Captains and Mini House Captains play a key role in encouraging this positive aspect of school life. 


Their main responsibilities include: 

  • Collect and count-up House points at the end of a Half term 
  • Take part in virtual meetings to make decisions. 
  •  Help staff to organise House reward events 
  •  Help organise House competitions 
  •  Lead a House assembly 


This Year’s House Captains are:

Maddison H (Amazon Rainforest)

Ayla S (Grand Canyon)

Harry B (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 1

Jamie R (Amazon Rainforest)

Grace S (Grand Canyon)

George T (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 1

Max Q (Amazon Rainforest)

Sebastian McN (Grand Canyon)

Oscar M (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 1

Millie M (Amazon Rainforest)

Jenson W (Grand Canyon)

Noah N (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 2

Esme S (Amazon Rainforest)

Musa M (Grand Canyon)

Constance H (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 2

George C (Amazon Rainforest)

Hanna R (Grand Canyon)

Tommy H (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 2

Olivia Rose W (Amazon Rainforest)

Archie B (Grand Canyon)

Sofia P-P (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 3

Eva A (Amazon Rainforest)

Connie T (Grand Canyon)

Sammy P (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 3

Lexi R (Amazon Rainforest)

Ruby R (Grand Canyon)

Ana P (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 3

Arohi B (Amazon Rainforest)

Evie H-C (Grand Canyon)

Isabella F (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 4

Charlie-Jon H (Amazon Rainforest)

Mariam K (Grand Canyon)

Bertie W (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 4

Mahnoor U (Amazon Rainforest)

Joseph C (Grand Canyon)

Harrison Bates (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 4

Charles S (Amazon Rainforest)

Evelyn B (Grand Canyon)

Qasim H (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 5

Riley R (Amazon Rainforest)

Millie B (Grand Canyon)

Samuel T (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 5

Amin S-D (Amazon Rainforest)

Ethan J (Grand Canyon)

Sacha S (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 5

Ava M (Amazon Rainforest)

Joshua L (Grand Canyon)

Rocco S-A (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 6

Alfie S (Amazon Rainforest)

Garlon C (Grand Canyon)

Ethan L (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 6

Josh N (Amazon Rainforest)

Alfie B (Grand Canyon)

Jonny M (Great Barrier Reef)


Year 6


Winning House Parties are great fun.... we even have a bubble machine!