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Sharing Our Learning...Year 5 Photo Gallery

This half term we are reading ‘Pax’, a story about boy who has to leave his pet fox behind and we discussed whether Peter should have left Pax, his pet fox. We worked together in groups to generate ideas for our arguments. We looked at both for and against and had to find evidence to support our ideas. We then completed a conscience alley to discuss our ideas and voted for what we thought.

In English, we have been reading two books about refugees. We did research about where refugees might come from and why they might have had to leave their home countries. We then turned our research into non-chronological reports using a range of organisational devices.

In Computing, we have been designing our own 3D models. We have looked at how we can move and edit points to create different shapes and added colour to our designs. We are enjoying seeing the 3D printer in action, bringing models to life!

In PSHE, as part of our learning about body image, we thought about how pictures in magazines can be altered so that the images we see might not be how people really look. We looked at pictures from magazines and sorted them into real and altered photos.

We are looking at different poems in the book ‘Dark Sky Park’ by Philip Gross. We listened to the poem Night Rider and drew a picture of what we saw when we listened to the poem. We drew night light, Northern Lights and nocturnal animals.

In Science, we recapped our learning so far on states of matter by discussing examples of solids, liquids and gases, and matching up the properties of each. We thought about materials that don’t quite fit with the rules.

As part of our orienteering topic, we have been creating assault courses designed to improve our agility. This will help us when we come to using the map as we have to find where we are going and move quickly. We have to change directions quickly whilst looking out for obstacles or dangers in our path to stay safe and complete the course.

In PSHE, we have been thinking about first aid. We thought about what we can do and how we can get help in different situations. We acted out what we would do in different first aid situations.

We completed four different activities to celebrate Science Day. For Planet Friendly Burgers, we discussed and researched what made our food more or less environmentally friendly, and created posters to share this information and examples of planet friendly burgers that people can buy. With Surviving On Mars, we thought about what a creature would need to survive on Mars and worked in groups to design and make a creature with features to help them survive on the red planet. In Outdoor Gym, we thought about how we can use our bodies and equipment that is readily available in parks and playgrounds, and completed our own exercises outside. For Antibody Origami, we talked about what viruses and antibodies are and made our own with paper.

In Art, we used paint and PVA glue to paint and glaze the clay poppies we made on our Wow Day. We painted them in the same style as the Tower of London poppies.

In English, we have been reading The Journey, which is about a family who have to leave their country. We looked at the different ways they travelled; by car, van, lorry and bicycle. We created freeze frames to show the different stages of the journey and thought about how they felt.

During World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite adventurous book characters.

As part of our WOW day, to introduce our new topic 'Keep the Home Fires Burning' we made clay poppies.

Our Spring 1 topic ended with an express day. We held an art gallery for year 5 and 6 and enjoyed looking at the different examples of art work. Year 5 created street art based on famous artists they had studied. Don't they look fabulous?

In Music this term, we are learning to perform the rap from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We watched videos of it being performed and listened to the rap. We practiced it at a slower speed so that we could get the words right and then tried performing it in groups.

Still image for this video

In Science, we have been learning about different stages of the human lifecycle. This week, we focused on infancy and learnt how much babies grows during this stage. We plotted line graphs to show the average height of a baby each month and thought about what we could learn from our line graphs.

In DT, we used polymer clay to create a range of characters inspired by Disney. We are looking forward to using our characters to create stop-motion animations.

We created our own pieces of street art, following our design. We choose a design that represented our interests or a message we wanted to share. We then used a range of techniques including stencils and paint to create our finished piece of street art.

One of Webber 5's Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

One of Webber 5's Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

One of Webber 5's Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

One of Webber 5's Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

One of Webber 5's Stop Motion Animations

Still image for this video

One of Webber 5's stop motion videos

Still image for this video

In D&T, we used the characters we made from polymer clay to film our own stop motion animation videos. We had to shoot the videos frame by frame so they would combine to make a short film. We considered how to make our film enjoyable for the audience by making them funny and interesting to watch, and by using some practical effects and props.

In PSHE, we shared our own hopes and dreams and then thought about the hopes and dreams of children from another culture, comparing them to our own. We shared how this made us feel.

This week in Topic, we have evaluated our street art and discussed the messages behind them ready for our Art Gallery with Year 6 next week. We have also finished off designing and making our characters and props out of modelling clay for our stop motion animation. Some of us started to make our animation using an app on the iPads after making our backgrounds. We took lots of photos to make it move as smoothly as we could!

During English, we have been exploring diary entries and pulling out their key features in preparation of writing our own whilst pretending to be Sophie. We then role-played in different characters by answering questions to really understand how the characters were feeling and the types of events we would want to include in our diary.

In D&T, we used polymer clay to create our own Disney inspired characters. We will be using these models to film our own stop-motion animation films. We considered the use of colour and which parts of our models will move in the animation.

In PE, we played an attack and defense game called Kabadi. Each player took turns to cross to the opposing team’s side and attempted to take a tag from another player before their own tag could be taken. We had to use communication within our team and tactical thinking in order to gain tags.

In Art, we used a range of techniques including paint, stencils, sponges and mosaic tiling to create our own street art. We were inspired by the art we have looked at and used our own interests and opinions to design our own pieces.

In English, we had a go at hot-seating the main character of our book Rooftoppers, Sophie. We took turns asking questions for Sophie to answer, and answering questions in role. We considered Sophie’s thoughts and feelings at this point in the story ready to write a diary entry from her point of view.

In maths this week, we have been dividing using different methods. We started by using part-whole models and sharing place value counters before moving on to the bus stop method. We have used lots of our times table knowledge to help us calculate the correct answer! By the end of the week, we had moved onto looking at 4 digit numbers with remainders. We also enjoyed a hands-on lesson to consolidate our learning and help us become really confident.

In English, we have been writing instructions for how to be a rooftopper. We drafted and edited our writing before publishing and presenting it in an appealing and relevant way for the reader, including a range of features of instruction texts.