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Sharing Our Learning...Year 5 Photo Gallery

We applied our knowledge of addition and subtraction to mutlistep word problems. We underlined the key words in the question and drew bar models to help us select the correct operation. We used column addition and subtraction to find the answer.

In Year 5, we have been doing Bikeability and we have learnt how to signal, U-turn, stop and go at a crossing, overtake parked cars and how to stop for cars. My favourite part was stopping and turning after signalling. We cycled past the Infant site and around lots of houses before coming all the way back to school. (Jayjay, Holst 5)

We learnt all about the Space Race between America and Russia. We used the ipads to research the main events and created a non-chronological report. We enjoyed finding out about the first satellite, animals and people in Space. We also thought about the role of Maths in the Space Race and made spinners to crack the code and answer questions about space.

In English we are going to be writing a newspaper article based on our book, Cosmic. To help us plan and write our article we identified the key features of newspaper articles by looking at a range of recent articles. We created a key and highlighted the different features including the headline, captions and direct quotations.

In Art, we have been looking at the work of Sara Fanelli who created collages of mythological monsters. We used a range of different materials to create our own mythological monster collages.

In PE, we have continued to work on our ball skills and tactical thinking by playing a team game called Endball. We had to pass the ball to members of our team whilst evading the opposing team and we scored points by getting the ball to the team member behind the cones.

In Maths, we have been practising using the column method to add increasingly larger numbers, with and without exchanging. We began by using place value counters to help us understand what is happening when we exchange digits and have focused on presenting our work neatly to avoid errors.

Webber 5 wanted to share some of the work they are proud of from their Topic lessons! In Geography, we have been learning about coastal features, particularly in Greece, and how these are formed by erosion. In History, we learned about the events of the Trojan War and Odysseus's journey home from the war, in which he encountered a cyclops. We wrote speeches from Odysseus to his wife about his experience. In Art, we are looking at the work of Sara Fanelli and will be creating our own collages inspired by her work on mythological monsters.

In RE, we have been exploring the practices and beliefs held by Sikhs, and how they show commitment to their faith.

This week we have been comparing our lives to the lives of others and thinking about the lives of refugees. We cannot tell who is a refugee just by looking at their pictures and this has helped us to understand that we must not make assumptions about people and what they have been through. We have also been brainstorming ways we can help refugees as they arrive in the UK. We have also designed a jigsaw piece with our goals for the coming year and thought of lots of different things we can do to reach that goal.

After making our scale model of the Solar System last week, we have made models of the Earth, Sun and Moon to represent how they orbit each other. We have looked at the similarities and differences between them and in the ways that they move. It has been so interesting finding out how the planets move and how the sun stays at the centre of the Solar System.

We have been using the interactive floor to practice our times tables and to practice counting in 6s, 7s and 9s. We played games in our houses and tried to beat the other houses by answering quickly.

In Computing, we have been talking about online safety. We learned how to send emails and emailed each other some tips for staying safe online.

Webber 5 playing guitar

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Webber 5 have started taking part in guitar lessons this term. They are enjoying learning how to play different notes and have already learned to play their first song!

In Reading Skills, we are beginning to scan through for key words in the text that can help us answer questions.

In Maths, we have been looking at representing larger numbers in different ways including part part whole, bar models, number lines and place value grids.

In English, we used iMovie on the iPads to make adverts persuading people to visit the Gobi desert, one of the main locations in our class book.

In PE we have been practising our ball skills. We threw a tennis ball for our partner and they had to catch it after one bounce. After completing this, we challenged ourselves to balance on one leg when catching the ball as well as starting further away from our partner. We then put our skills into practice when playing a game of throw tennis, a game where we aim to throw the ball to the other side of the court and catch it after one bounce.

Year 5 had their WOW Day on Monday 6th September. The school allowed us to dress up as Ancient Greeks for the day for our new topic The Iliad. Like the Ancient Greeks, we made pitta bread to eat. We also made our own set of instructions to make pitta bread for people who would like to have it. While we waited for the pitta bread to bake, we designed out own Olympic event because Greece was where the first Olympics was held. At the end of the day, we had a feast with our pitta bread and we got to pick toppings including: olive oil, olives, tomatoes, cucumber and hummus. We enjoyed our trip through time and are sad to leave it. We are excited to learn more about Ancient Greeks this half term. By Riley and Jacob (Webber 5)

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