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How does the school know if my child needs extra help and what will they do about it?

Your child’s progress is continually monitored by his/her class teacher. His/her progress is reviewed formally every half term in English and Maths and every term for all other subjects. At the end of each key stage (i.e. at the end of year 2 and year 6) all children are required to be formally assessed using Standard Assessment Tests (SATS). This is something the government requires all schools to do and the results from Year 6 are published nationally.

There are also some standardised testing that takes place within school to assess the impact of interventions or ensure that a child is accessing the right support. Should you wish to discuss this please contact your child’s class teacher.

Children with additional needs who have a plan at SEN support level or above will have Needs Based Plan which will be reviewed 3 times every year. Parents can request a meeting with the class teacher at any point to review their child’s progress. The progress of children with a statement of SEND/ EHCP is formally reviewed at an Annual Review with all adults involved with the child’s education. The SENCo will also check that your child is making good progress within any individual work and in any intervention group that they take part in. The impact of every intervention is evaluated.

If your child is identified as not making progress, the school will discuss this with you in more detail and will:

Listen to any concerns you may have.

Plan any additional support your child may need.

Discuss with you any referrals to outside professionals to support your child.