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Sharing Our Learning...Reception Photo Gallery

After reading Pumpkin Soup for our bedtime story, we then explored pumpkins in our environment. We discussed what they looked like, felt like and their smell. Inside we said the pumpkin was gooey and slimy. We explored other things we find in Autumn through our Autumn basket. Reading our bedtime story has encouraged us to read other stories ourselves.

In maths, we have made our own playdough by following a recipe.  We had to make sure we counted out the ingredients carefully. We are now experts at making playdough!  

This is our recipe.
2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of water
3 sequins 
We continued to read the Power of Reading story 'Stanley's Stick' and in our continuous provision we used the sticks we found in our Autumn walk to make creations with the playdough as well as decorating our sticks with a variety of materials.

We have explored a range of new opportunities this week. Many of the children chose to turn the home corner into a hairdressers! We have also loved using our mark making skills to enhance our play. We have ordered objects by size and sorted shapes. At the communication station this week there was a block of ice which created lots of discussions about how it got there, what was inside the ice and what was causing it to melt.

We have continued to explore our outdoor environment. We have created police stations, built houses and sold vegetables in our shop. We even built a canopy to shelter from the rain!

We have had another exciting week in Reception. The children are bringing all of their skills and knowledge into their play. Some children were creating treasure maps to use in the pirate ships that they had created and others were jumping over the lava that was running out of the volcano that they had created.

Wow! What a fantastic start to our Reception year! We are extremely proud of the children already. They are embracing all of the learning opportunities that Reception offers. The children are exploring all of the classrooms and the outdoor environment.