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Year 6


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Half Termly Life Skills challenges as part of our drive to develop good future citizens: 

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Home Learning Activities


Sharing Our Learning...Year 6 Photo Gallery

Year 6 enjoyed making Egyptian temples based on a design criteria. They worked hard to include flagpoles, an avenue of sphinxes, a pair of obelisks, pylons and Kings.

Year 6 have been learning to play the game Endball. The children have enjoyed working as a team, developing their tactics and being successful.

In Science, we made our own periscopes to investigate how we can see round corners. We talked about how light reflected as it travels in straight lines.

As part of our learning in Maths, we have been developing our division skills - some children chose to use counters to support their learning, whilst others chose the abstract method of recording their calculations.

As part of our assembly discussions, we have been discussing how to deal with bullying and steps we can take if we witness or are involved in bullying.

As part of our RE lessons, we have been learning about the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj. The children learnt all about the different activities a Muslim would experience on their Hajj.

As part of our Science topic, we used torches and wool to show how light travels.

As part of our Topic sessions, we put the events of the discovery of King Tut's tomb in order. Here are some photographs of our timeline!

In Computing lessons we have been practicing our coding. We have been following steps to create a working code and use variables.

In PE, we have been learning the game throw tennis, developing our skills to catch a ball with accuracy and play a game tactically.

Charlie made a fabulous pyramid at home as part of his home learning! Doesn't it look fantastic?

We have been investigating light in Science. This week we discovered how shadows are made and how to make them larger or smaller by changing the distance from the light source.

In guided reading, we used the text carefully, underlining important information, in order to answer retrieval, inference and vocabulary questions.

Year 6 solved questions involving negative numbers, drawing number lines to count backwards and forwards across zero.

WOW Day! As part of our WOW day year 6 dressed up as Ancient Egyptians, took on the role of Howard Carter to discover King Tut's tomb and learnt about all the head dresses that the Egyptian Kings and Gods would wear. We designed our own head dress then painted it. We also used clues to create a map of Egypt.

Autumn 1 Home Learning Activities