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We have been exploring number in a range of different ways this week! We enjoyed counting and matching with numbers to 10 using the ‘Go Fishing’ game and with the number spinners. We demonstrated that we can count objects which cannot be moved when we explored the Numicon shapes and we compared which sets had more and fewer holes to count. We have been recognising numerals using the magnetic numbers and trying to form our own numbers too!

Nursery have had a fantastic WOW day linked with our topic We're All Going on a Summer Holiday. We have enjoyed lots of different activities both in and outside the classroom. We came in in our summer clothes and shared photographs of us from our holidays at the beach. We then paddled in water, built sandcastles and even had an ice cream with toppings! 

On Monday, a present appeared in our classrooms. We thought it might be a birthday present as the writing on the wrapping paper said ‘Happy Birthday’. We wondered what was inside it. We drew some pictures of what we thought it could be. On Wednesday, we were very excited to open the present. We were a bit surprised to find out that it was a bucket. We passed the bucket around and noticed that it was shiny and yellow and had a handle shaped like a rainbow. It was so exciting to see the front cover of our new Power of Reading book ‘Billy’s Bucket’. We thought Billy might want to fill his bucket with water, or use it to make giant sandcastles. Some of us even turned the bucket upside down to use as a drum. We can’t wait to read the story. 

Nursery had a lovely time colour mixing this week. We started with coloured shaving foam, and used the pipettes to drop different colours into the foam. We mixed it all up together to see what new colours we could make.  

Nursery were so excited this week to be able to free flow as a Year Group Bubble. We are finally making use again of the lovely hole in the wall that was created in the Summer holidays, so that we can move between the classrooms. We have re-introduced playdough and junk modelling, where the children have been working creatively and imaginatively. We are enjoying our new Topic of Our Community and its People through our Police Station, Post Office and using the iPads to look at maps of the local area. 

We’ve had a busy week in Whittle Class this week. We are enjoying our Power of Reading book called ‘Astro Girl’ and have been sharing our knowledge and interests about Space; lots of children used numbers in their play when they made the rocket launch “5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 blast off!” We are learning to count how many and match to the number, we love using Numicon! We were so excited by the thunder storm this week. We learned the song ‘I Hear Thunder’ and watched the rain fall hard and fast. The Nursery outside area began to flood and we excitedly watched the puddle get wider and deeper! When the rain subsided we put on our wellies and went outside. First we poured food colouring into the puddles and watched the colours mix. Then we poured oil into the puddles and watched it make little rainbows. After that, we poured bubble bath in and jumped to create a bubbly puddle!  

This week in Nursery we have been making ladybirds based on our Power of Reading story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. We cleaned the stones at the start of the week and painted them red, then picked a number or rolled the dice to find out how many spots we needed to put onto the ladybird's wings!

Nursery have had lots of Easter fun this week! They made Easter bonnets and wore them whilst exploring the school grounds for Easter pictures. They had fun practising their number writing after counting the Easter objects. They are all very excited for the Easter Bunny to visit and wish you a happy Easter!

Our new Power of Reading book is called The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. We have read the first part of the story but our teachers wouldn’t show us all the pictures! Instead, we had to listen carefully to the description of the Bog Baby that the girls in the story found, and create our own using our imaginations! We had fun moulding our own little piece of playdough into a round, frog sized shape, like in the story and we added lots of other interesting features to show his boggly eyes, ears like a mouse and daisy petal wings. When we had finished, we used the iPad to take a photo of our own Bog Baby. We enjoyed talking to our friends about our Bog Baby.

We have had a lovely week in Nursery thinking about transport that travels through the air. We designed our rockets and then blasted them off into the sky. The mixture of vitamin tables and warm water in the tube created bubbles and the pressure made them shoot up.

Maybe you could try making your own rockets at home.

Still image for this video

We are really enjoying our Power of Reading book in Nursery, Naughty Bus. Today, we took our buses outside! They had lots of fun on the slide; in the wildlife area; balancing on logs and in the beans, which meant they needed a wash! We hope you are enjoying the story at home too.

Wow, what a beautiful sight this morning as our children came into school. We were all so excited to see the snow that it wasn’t long after we took our coats off that we decided to put them back on and head outside! We loved looking at the amazing white blanket the snow had created on the playground, staring into the white sky and opening our mouths hoping to catch the cool snowflakes.

All the Children enjoyed the Christmas Joy event on wednesday.

Starley class had a fabulous time on their Santa Hunt this morning. We put on our wellies and coats ready to go on our adventure. We looked really carefully at our surroundings to spot the Christmas pictures and noticed that there was a number on each one. Some of us had a go at writing the number in the box next to the matching picture. We were so excited to find our Santa lolly treats at the end, thank you so much to the PTFA for organising it.

Whittle have been on an imaginary adventure to the Antarctic. Each group worked together to build a boat big enough for us all to fit inside. They found a variety of objects to use as steering wheels. We all sang Row, row your boat and steered the boat to Antarctica. We pretented to be penguins and made an igloo before we rowed our way back home in time for tea. Phew, what an adventure!

Nursery enjoyed doing some hand printing last week, using the colours red and black. This week, we have worked together to create a collaborative piece of art work. Keep an eye on our classroom windows to see if you can spot our fabulous hand printed poppy to mark Remembrance Day.

There has been excitement in Starley class this week as unfortunately some poor penguins were trapped in blocks of ice! Our super sensible children had lots of ideas about how we could help them escape and enjoyed talking about how the ice felt and watching it melt. We used careful counting to work out how many of the penguins were trapped

Whittle class have been making homes to keep safe and warm. We made a minibeast hotel by snapping sticks and built a big house. We found 2 wiggly worms and four snails. We carefully put them in our hotel. We built a shelter to help us keep warm. We made a roof so we don’t get wet!

As part of black history day, we have enjoyed listening to many different stories with black characters as their heroes. We enjoyed Handa’s Surprise and used Google Earth to locate the UK and Africa, talking about the weather in both places and how they are different. We investigated African flags and talked about the shapes and colours we could see.

Whittle N have been making scent potions from leaves and natural materials. We chose some leaves with a lovely smells poured some water into the cup and stirred with a stick.

In Nursery we have loved spending time in our outdoor area. We especially enjoy building up our muscles by digging, scooping and lifting heavy objects so that when it is time to write we will be ready! We have learnt new words such as ladle and rake and now know what some of the tools we are using are for. We challenge ourselves to lift heavy objects but know we can ask a friend for help if we need it. It is starting to get a little colder now and we are noticing the changes around us, choosing to put our coat on if we think it is too cold.

Nursery had a brilliant time in their first PE lesson today. We listened carefully to instructions and enjoyed moving around the space. We were imagining that we were riding our bicycles and remembering to look where we were going, peeping our horns when we saw our friends.

Whittle N enjoyed wearing white for International Peace Day! We talked about how white is a calming colour that makes us feel peaceful and reminds us to be kind and gentle to those around us.

We look forward to welcoming all our children back on 1st September... take a look at our short film clip showing how our classrooms have developed during the summer break so they are all ready for you to come and do some wonderful learning... the displays and various areas are started but need some brilliant work from you to make them come alive! 

Our Classrooms... all clean and tidy and ready for us to help create our own learning environment and displays!

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