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As part of diversity day the children enjoyed sharing why they had dressed up the way that they had and sharing their interests, culture and heritage with the rest of the class. It was lovely to see how interested the children were in what their classmates were saying and hearing the questions that they asked each other to learn more.

Our new playground leaders are enjoying teaching the children new games to play on the playground. It has been great to see all of the children playing together so well and enjoying their playtimes even more.

In Maths, we have been learning about the capacity and volume of different containers. We had a range of containers including cups, bowls and bottles and used water to find out how much each container would hold so we could order them by their capacity. We also compared volume using measuring jugs and filled our containers so that they were a quarter full, half full and three quarters full.

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their WOW day for Fabulous females. They began the day recreating the journey Florence Nightingale took from London to Scutari and wrote a recount of it. It was clear they found the journey very uncomfortable and were shocked about where she had to go to the toilet! After that, they arrived at 'Scutari Hospital'. The reactions of the children as the smell hit them was great to see. The children were appalled about the conditions the soldiers had to endure in the hospital. There were rats everywhere, the water was dirty, the bread was mouldy and the bandages were covered in blood. The children all agreed that Florence Nightingale was indeed a fabulous female when they found out how she improved the conditions in the hospital and also ensured all nurses were properly trained after her return to England. The day ended with the children learning about Mary Seacole and how she also cared for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. Again, they all agreed she was another fabulous female when they found out that she put her own life in danger to care for soldiers on the battlefield. The children can't wait to find out about even more fabulous females from history.

This half term we have been reading stories about Anna Hibiscus. We read a story about her aunty visiting from America. We created freeze frames to show the scene where Auntie Comfort arrives at the family house in a huge, colourful dress. We then created thought and speech bubbles to show what each character could be thinking and what they might say.

Some of the children in Year 2 have gone above and beyond this half term with their Science topic: Plants! Sammy, Sophie and Tilly challenged themselves even further and kept a seed diary! As you can see they have been brilliant indoor gardeners as their seedlings have thrived! We are very proud to have you all in our year group! Keep aspiring for excellence!

Year 2 were brilliant at celebrating 'Shape Day'. We baked, went on shape hunts in and around our local area, created repeated patterns, formed shapes out of a variety of materials and some of us even created structures of the shape pictures and sketches we made! Check out the brilliant castle made by Harrison out of lollypop sticks. We think he did an amazing job - you can really see the shapes he has built up. We were especially proud of Harrison as a team as he also completed a whopping 7 tasks!

In Science we learnt about the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees and how they change in the different seasons. We thought about how they survive in each season and how each part of the tree helps them to survive. We created a picture to show this using different materials.

In Year 2 we have started a new book called the 'Egg Box Dragon' and this week we made our own! As you can see, our models are absolutely fabulous and our accompanying writing is too! We really focused on using expanded noun phrases and similes to add exciting detail to our writing. I'm sure you will agree that we really challenge ourselves further today! We hope you like reading some of our examples!

Christmas cards with a twist-literally!! In the run up to the end of term, the children have had lots of fun exploring and developing their Design and Technology skills (cutting, shaping, finishing and mastering movement using pivots, levers and sliders) when making their own Christmas cards. We hope you enjoy following their card-making journey through the wonderful photographs captured by their teachers and their cards have taken pride of place at home.

Churchill 2 have once again produced some amazing home learning projects this half term. Miss Huntington has thoroughly enjoyed receiving all of the videos of the bhangra dancing and listening to the children talk so enthusiastically about what they have learned as they have shared their work during Wednesday's assemblies. The staff in Year 2 look forward to next half term and to seeing what the children produce as part of their new topic.

In Topic this week we have been learning all about rangoli patterns. We learnt about how they are used to decroate houses at Hindu festivals like Diwali. They are usually made from rice, flour and coloured chalks and are inspired by nature. We created our own rangoli patterns on the playground.

In Science we have been learning to identify things that are alive, dead and have never been alive. We learnt about the seven characteristics of life: movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition and used these to help us identify things that are alive. We went on a nature walk and found lots of things that were alive like tree, grass and other people. We also found leaves and twigs which used to be alive and scooters which have never been alive.

Today the children of Year 2 have been investigating the power of fishermen and fisherwomen's rumours. We know Black Rock is a dangerous place - you will not believe what we have heard terrible things about the strange and bewitching place! We took it in turns to spread a sea story and convince 'Erin' our main character to not stray too far into the water ...

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Clip 2

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Clip 3

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Year 2 have been very busy practising their recall of their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables! Today, we played a Paw Patrol 'Top Trump' style game where we had to battle for the most cards. We won cards by finding the best times table fact in the category. It got very intense in some games as our recall became quicker and quicker! Well done Nightingale!

The children in Nightingale have been creating and reciting some dangerous and scary poems about spells! We really enjoyed getting into character and working as a team to make a performance! For some of us, this was our first ever solo! Bravo Nightingale!

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Year 2 have enjoyed reading a different version of Rapunzel. In the story the witch promises to put a curse on Rapunzel if she ever leaves the tower so we read a poem about the witch's curse. We thought about how we could perform the poem using different voices, expression and actions. We worked collaboratively in a group to practise together, saying some parts in unison and some parts on our own before performing our poems to the class.

Year 2 have been learning all about money in Maths. We have been identifying different coins and notes and then counting the total. On Wednesday we selected different coins for our piggy bank and challenged our partner to find the total in pounds and pence.

The children in Year 2 have been investigating the life of Rosa Parks for Black History Month. They discovered the shocking manner of how she was treatedn. Together, we created questions that we would like to ask Rosa Parks and took it in turns role playing these. After, we created art work that celebrated all the fantastic things we associate with Rosa. We used thesauruses to up-level our vocabulary and wrote the words in the colours of the buses that Rosa would have travelled on.

Year 2 had a fabulous day celebrating the finale of their Fire, fire topic. They learnt that Samuel Pepys wrote his diary in code and had a go at cracking a message written in code. They also designed and made Tudor houses and then evaluated their end products. They learnt why houses were smaller on the ground floor than on the first floor and finally they created a mini version of London and set fire to it.

Here are videos of the a mini version of London on fire.

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The children were shocked by the devastating nature of fire and also by how quickly fire can spread.

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Year 2 have really enjoyed their Fire, Fire topic and the home learning they have produced has really impressed their teachers and their classmates. We always look forward to a Wednesday morning when we get to share our learning.

We have been investigating different materials in Science. We tested how we could make a tissue rope stronger to hold a weight. When we twisted our rope it held 500g.

Year 2 practising their English!

Year 2 Great Fire of London WOW day

Year 2 took some time to reflect on how lucky they were to live in a peaceful country. They discussed how some children are not so lucky as they live in countries where there are wars. They also discussed what peace is and how we can live peacefully with those around us.

We look forward to welcoming all our children back on 1st September... take a look at our short film clip showing how our classrooms have developed during the summer break so they are all ready for you to come and do some wonderful learning... the displays and various areas are started but need some brilliant work from you to make them come alive! 

Our Classrooms... all clean and tidy and ready for us to help create our own learning environment and displays!

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