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Parent Meetings and Workshops

At Valley Primary School we feel it is vitally important to keep parents updated and aim to work closely with parents to ensure we jointly help the children develop further.


We are currently restricted by COVID-19 and therefore are providing the majority of our information via this website.


For key information about our curriculum please see our pages under Key Information.


For year group specific information, please visit your child's year group.


We may also add some information to this page which applies to children across year groups. 


We hope you find the information useful and we endeavour to resume meetings with you as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Maths Strategy Videos for Parents.

The following resources provide useful information which may be helpful to parents and carers when helping our children with mathematical strategies and methods. 


Number Bonds to 10 (Part 1)

Number Bonds To 10 (Part 2)

Using Doubles And Near Doubles

Using Bonds To 10 To Answer Other Questions

Column Addition (24+13 then 14+7)

Addition Using Cubes Then Place Value Counters (95+17)

Column Addition (13+5)

Addition - Exchanging 10 Tens for 1 Hundred

Addition Using Place Value Counters (134+66 and 3020+480)


Subtraction Basics (8-3)

Exchanging (35-18)

Base 10 Cubes (106-82)

Exchanging Twice (7643-2545)

Place Value Counters (106-82)

Numbers With Zeros (6012-4130)

Subtraction (16-14 then 36-14)